Private Chef Services

Mallorca Food Club are our partners. They do not only deliver you exquisite culinary delights for your private dinner or catering for your special occasion, but they also offer their homemade products from the island.

Guests on the island are always faced with the same challenge: they have rented a beautiful finca, are there with friends and loved ones but can only enjoy the pleasures of their finca for a few hours a day. In the morning they go to the beach or there is an excursion on the agenda, for example a wine tour. They come back to their lovely finca in the afternoon, freshen up briefly and go out to dinner in a surrounding restaurant in the evening. There is a lot of hassle in finding a restaurant, reserving a table and designating a driver.

The question often arises: Why can´t we just stay at the finca this evening?

Of course! But then another question arises as to who will do the cooking? Nobody really wants to. After all, everyone is on vacation. We have the found perfect solution: the personal chef! With our finca catering service, we transform your holiday home on Mallorca into your own private restaurant. We combine a premium personal chef with gourmet restaurant cuisine and service. Learn More