This is how a dowser, a wizard of the earth works

There is much controversy about the Zahori (dowser) method of finding water. Some say that it is not a scientific method, others say that it is infallible. Martin Luther denounced this practice in his writing “Decem praecepta”, in 1518, as an “act of witchcraft. The fact is that in the island of Mallorca (and in most of Spain) most of the wells are found using this method.

How to search for groundwater

On the day of the prospection, the dowser must feel in full physical and mental health, wear natural fabrics and check that the weather is good. He starts by observing the signs that nature itself offers: relief and vegetation. He then holds his instrument. In the open field, Y-rods are a good choice, as they are little affected by wind. He holds the Y-rods with both hands, keeping the tension. It is an unstable balance that reacts easily to external stimuli. He moves forward in a straight line with his mind on the water. The moment the rods point downwards, he has found a groundwater flow. On cultivated land, he usually places the borehole where several underground streams cross. On building plots, groundwater is considered a geopathy, so it is better not to build a house there.

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